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Data Management

Data Management & Archiving

Leera consulting data management team has been ‘helping companies’ manage records since the last 5 years. We started as ‘filing experts’ in  2013  designing and manufacturing Systems for Active Records. We anticipated the obvious change to Record Management and were one of the first Record Management providers in Nigeria


Leera consulting is one of leading companies offering data management services in Nigeria. We have a team of data specialists for data management outsourcing. With the help of our comprehensive data management outsourcing solutions, you can save time and money.

You can completely rely on us if you outsource data management work to us, as our data experts are experienced in all the aspects of data management.

How to organize data effectively

It is never easy to organize the data of your customers and prospects. And as a marketer, you must be having too much on your plate.

Let Leera consulting handle your prospect and customer data through specialised data-centric solutions. Our enterprise data management solutions are designed in a way to meet the varied needs of the global clients.

Our data specialists have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to offer intuitive and tailor-made solutions to assist you with:

  • Maintaining data consistency
  • Validating data through verification services
  • Improving the efficiency of your data

Leera consulting ensures a significant reduction in the cost associated with managing data.

We offer a wide range of data management services, including Data Cleansing, Data Profiling, Data Verification, and Data Appending.

Solutions To Free You From Data Demands And Restrictive Vendors

Leera consulting Team provides a flexible approach to data management – extraction, mining, cleaning, moving, storing, protect, and recover data – without tying your business to specific hardware, network or interconnect protocols. Our solutions work together or separately, easily scaling to meet the exact requirements of your business today, and can grow with you incremental

  • Discovering patterns in large data sets
  • Involving methods of artificial intelligence
  • Creating statistics, and database systems

Document scanning is one of the core activities of Leera Technologies. We offer a customised document scanning service to our clients and convert their paper-based data into valuable digital information. It saves our clients time, money, effort, space, and adds value to their operations

Data Extraction

  • Retrieving data from unstructured data sources
  • Transforming data to be loaded into the data warehouse
  • Enabling data to be visible on front end


  • Simple, efficient, non-disruptive data migration
  • Open architecture enables migration in heterogeneous environments
  • Scales easily to changing performance and capacity requirements