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Online Learning Software

Considering the recent global challenge, there is a need to keep the educational system running outside the classrooms. Teachers, Administrative Staff, and Students must be encouraged to keep the school institution active, collection, management, and use of information for prompt decision making must be set up, and most importantly, the education of the Nigerian Child must not be truncated. Leera Consulting proposes to respond to the growing challenge with an online learning and management software – Our LMS helps you automate your processes and simplify tasks of managing your school.

We have developed and currently successfully implementing our Learning Management System at City Academy Kaduna, Halified School Port Harcourt and Centagon School Abuja.


Leera consulting LMS is affordable and simplified advanced online management software that offers an extensive package enabling school managers accomplish the following;


  1. Register students, Teachers.
  2. Create subjects and assign students to a particular class or session.
  3. All administrative privileges


  1. Add grades, subjects, create online course and online lectures.
  2. Give notification of live session for a particular subject and particular grade.
  3. Give scores to completed task and cumulate students’ scores promptly.
  4. Prepare exam questions and conduct examinations within a stipulated time frame.
  5. Online attendance


  1. Log in to live class sessions.
  2. Read and download online materials
  3. Download recorded live videos
  4. Take quiz online.
  5. Write exams online.
  6. Record and download missed live sessions of a missed class to follow up on a more convenient time.


    Benefits of Leera consulting LMS


  • Organized e-learning content in one location
  • Provides unlimited access to e-learning materials
  • Easily track students attendance and progress
  • Saves time and money
  • Advanced learning and online ICT classroom.
  • Online Live streaming for students and parents




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